Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hi kids,

Our practices this term will always be on Fridays from 1.00-1.40pm. I'll give you 3-4 minutes to eat something light and drink water. And then give you the rest of break time to eat.

We need to prepare a dance item for our production, so I am putting together a remix with different cultural styles of dance from some special songs. Today we'll learn some basic pop-bollywood dance actions, based on this youtube clip. They're very similar to the Sasa actions I taught at art intensive last year.

Give yourself some time to practice the actions. Just remember that when we put it to our remix, some of it will change. Be ready for this. It takes some time to learn a style of dance. We're just going to have some fun trying to dance in this BOLLYWOOD style :-)

Dance NZ Made will be August 8 or August 22. I am just confirming that there are no clashes with other events at school. There is a fee to compete in Dance NZ Made. I will send a letter home later in the term, when I know for certain who is a dance explorer.


Mr P.

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